Transitive verbs | Intransitive Verbs | Causative Verbs

Principal verbs are divided into two parts-

 (i) Transitive verbs :- 

=>These verbs need an object to make the sense complete. The object may be a direct object -- a noun or pronoun.

She bought that book.
know the answer.
Who saw the bird?
-Here, the underlined  words- the book, the answer, the bird are the direct objects for bought, know, saw respectively.

● Some more examples of transitive verbs with usages:

*The underlined words are the direct objects. 
Transitive Verb                Uses
GivePlease give me a pen.
TakeWe took all the responsibilities of the children.
LikeShe liked that product.
LeaveThey left the place yesterday.
LendHe lends me his motorbike.
MakeMy uncle made it for me.
RespectWe respect our elders.
ShowShow me your hands.
Lovelove my nation.
Tolerate They tolerate his smoking inside the hospital.
CostThe pens cost ten rupees.
Drivedrove the car myself.
WriteShe wrote me the letter.

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(ii) Intransitive Verbs :- 

 These verbs do not have any object.
[-Intransitive verbs (অকর্মক ক্রিয়া) -এর object (কর্ম) থাকে না।]

He walks.
She sleeps.
eat before going for college.

-In these three sentences, the verbs walks, sleep, eat have no object, hence, these are Intransitive verbs.

● Some more examples:
Intransitive VerbsUses
ArriveThey arrived at 10 a.m.
LaughPeople laugh at him.
SmileThe teacher smiles at the boy.
CoughShe coughs all the day.
SneezeThe girl sneezes continuously. 
RunThe boys run in the morning.
TalkTalk to your mother.
SpitDon't spit everywhere.
BreatheEvery creature breathes.
CryShe cries when her mother scolds her.

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 Causative Verbs:- 

=>Causative verbs are actually intransitive verbs. But sometimes, these are used as transitive verbs in the sense of causing a thing to be done.

Birds fly.  We sleep.  He sweems,   Don't  move.

-These verbs - fly, move are Intransitive, though they can also be used as transitive verbs. 

Let's see how-
Intransitive Verbs                  Causative/ Causal Verbs
Dry leaves fall . They fell the tree.
Swallows fly.The children fly kites.
Water boils. The cook boils water.
Paddy grows in the field.The farmers grow paddy.
Let's move (যাওয়া).Move the table.

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