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Transformation of Sentences | Interchange of Affirmative Sentence and Negative Sentence

In this article, we are going to discuss Transformation of sentences. We will cover Transformation of sentences in three parts – Interchange of Affirmative and Negative Sentence, Interchange of Affirmative and Negative Sentences, Interchange of Assertive and Interrogative Sentences, Interchange of Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences. Now let’s start with -  Interchange of Affirmative and Negative Sentence. At first we have to remember that— (I) A negative sentence must contain a negative word . Such negative words are – No, not, never, nothing, none, nobody, no one, nowhere, neither, nor etc. To turn an affirmative sentence into a negative sentence a negative word must be used. Remember, ‘not’  is used only with an auxiliary verb.  Like, I do not go there. (Here ‘do’ is an auxiliary verb). He was not punished. (Here ‘was’ is an auxiliary verb)  (II) Both, the affirmative sentence and the negative one must be the same meaning (sense). Like,  Affirmative – They like her. [Tur

Simple Sentence, Complex Sentence, Compound Sentence. | Classification of Sentences According to Their Structures.

 Earlier we've read that sentences are of five types ( Assertive, Imperative, Interrogative, Optative Exclamatory ) each of which is further subdivided into two ( Affirmative and Negative ).  Now, we'll be discussing the other types of sentences. Sentences are of three classes according to their structure — Simple Sentence, Complex Sentence and  Compound Sentence. Simple Sentence:  A simple sentence contains only one subject and one finite verb . Examples- I. She swims .  II. I read newspaper.  III. She told us the story yesterday. IV. John and Tom play tennis everyday. In every sentence above, there is one subject and one finite verb : Read more:  Finite Verbs . Example (I) Subject – She Finite verb – swims Example (II) Subject – I Finite verb – read Example (III) Subject – She Finite verb – told Example (IV) Subject – John and Tom (it a single subject consisting of two nouns.) Finite verb – play Complex Sentence:  A complex sentence contains o

One Word Denoting Diminutive | One Word Substitution

Diminutives are smaller ones of  nouns.  After reading the list of diminutives, you must feel satisfied as you'll find that your vocabulary and knowledge will be enriched.  Nouns Diminutives Animal Animalcule Bull Bullock Cat Kitten Lamb Lambkin Nouns Diminutives Man Manikin Maid Maiden Dear Darling Babe Baby Dame Demsel Lass Lassie Hire Hireling Nurse Nursling Poet Poetaster Lord Lordling Baron Baronet Young Youngling Weak Weakling Eye Eyelet Mouth Muzzle Nose Nozzle Arm Armlet Thumb Thimble Ankle Anklet Nouns Diminutives Cabin Cabinet Table Tablet Book Booklet Leaf Leaflet Art Article Story Syoryette Verse Versicle Code Codicil Bill Billet Ball Ballet/Bullet /Ballot Seat Saddle Lock Locket Ring Ringlet Pipe Pipkin Sack Satchel Scythe Sickle Lance Lancet Cut Cutlet Pill Pilule Pack Packet Corn Kernel Cigar Cigaratte Ice Icicle Pinnace Pinnacle Car Chariot Crown Coronet Statue Statuette Tower Turret Flower Floweret Rose Rosette Nouns Diminutives Bird Birdie Duck Duckling Goose Gose

Young of Animals and Birds - Vocabulary

  Young of Animals: Animals Young ones Cat Kitten Cow Calf Bull Calf Elephant Calf Dog Puppy Pig Piglet Goat Kid Sheep Lamb Ass Foal Horse Foal / Colt Mare Filly Deer Fawn Hare Leverate Fox Cub Tiger Cub Bear Cub Lion Cub Frog / Toad Tadpole Butterfly Caterpillar Moth Caterpillar Young of Birds: Birds Young ones Cock Cockerel Hen Pullet Duck Duckling Goose Gosling Owl Owlet Eagle Eaglet Thank you...

Noun and the Number - Singular Number and Plural Number

 Some important nouns and their singular numbers and plural numbers are discussed here. Singular Number Plural Number Father-in-law Father s -in-law Mother-in-law Mother s -in-law Sister-in-law Sister s -in-law Brother-in-law Brother s -in-law son-in-law son s -in-law Step-father Step-father s Step-mother Step-mother s Step-sister Step-sister s Step-brother Step-brother s Step-daughter Step-daughter s Step-son Step-son s Commander-in-chief Commander s -in-chief Knight-errant Knight s -errant Coat-of-mail Coat s -of-mail Court-material Court s -material Passer-by Passer s -by Looker-on Looker s -on Hanger-on Hanger s -on Major-general Major-general s Man-servant man-servant s Maid-servant Maid-servant s Pick-pocket pick-pocket s Pick-purse Pick-purse s Singular Number Plural Number Mr. Messrs Mrs. Mesdames Singular Number Plural Number Kins man Kins men Noble man Noble men Postman Postmen Washer-man Washer- men Washer-woman Washer- women Beggar-man Beggar- man Beggar-woman Beggar- women