MCQs on One-Word Substitution

Practice MCQs on One-Word Substitution

35 MCQs on One-word Substitution are given here. All of them are important for various competitive exams (SSC, PSC, Railway Group D, Bank, State PSC WBP Constable etc.). Check your preparation.

1. A life story of a person written by himself –

C) Autobiography.

2. One who talks while asleep is called –

B) Somniloquist

3. One who believes in fate –

A) Fatalist.

4. Something that induces sleep –

C) Somniferous.

5. Iconoclast is one who –

A) Destroys images.

6. ______ leads an austere life –

B) An ascetic.

7. One who collects coins –

D) Numismatist.

8. Philatelist is one who –

D) Collects stamps.

9. One who talks of his own achievements –

B) Egotist.

10. A lover of good food –

A) Gourmand.

11. A misanthrope who dislike woman in particular is called –

C) Misogynist.

12. One who considers the happiness and well being of others –

C) Altruist.

13. Incapable of making errors –

B) Infallible.

14. ‘Misogamist’ is one who –

B) Hates marriage.

15. __________ is one who speaks many languages. –

C) Polyglot.

16. One who runs away from justice –

B) Fugitive.

17. An uxorious man is one –

A) Extremely fond of his wife.

18. One who can use either hand with the same ease –

A) Ambidextrous.

19. A child who has lost both of his parents is called –

D) An orphan.

20. A person who helps another to commit a crime is called –

B) Accomplice.

21. An author who writes the story of another person’s life is known as –

B) Biographer.

22. The one who knows everything –

D) Omniscient.

23. A decision On which one cannot go back –

C) Irrevocable.

24. Alternative one-word for “an afternoon nap.”

D) Siesta.
Explanation: Doze, catnap, and siesta bear the same meaning. Hence, all three are correct. It depends on the answer key set by the examiner.

25. One who doubts the existence of God –

C) Agnostic.

26. One who eats human flesh –

D) Cannibal.

27. An unconventional lifestyle is called –

A) Bohemian.

28. One who hates the mankind is called –

C) Misanthrope.

29. One who eats everything –

A) Omnivorous.

30. Herbivore is a kind of animal that –

B) Feeds on grass and other plants.

31. One who is motivated by the desire sensual pleasure –

D) Hedonist.

32. Somniloquist is one who –

A) Talks in sleep.

33. Necrophilia is –

D) Fascination with dead bodies.

34. An animal with four legs is a –

C) Quadruped.

35. Omnipotent is one who –

C) Is all powerful.

MCQs on One-Word Substitution

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