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List of Conditional Conjunctions and their Uses

Conditional conjunctions are the conjunctions used to join two clauses to form a conditional sentence. The most commonly used conditional conjunction is If. However, there are many of them, such as, unless, until since, lest etc. other than that.

We can divide them into two - affirmative and negative

Affirmative conditional conjunctions include if, since, only if, when etc., while the negative conditional conjunctions include until, unless (if + not), lest and so on.

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Use of some Conditional Conjunctions:


Meaning: In case

  • If you practise well, you can perform well.
  • I will go to the college if I can afford it.
  • If she has come tell her to take her book. 

If only: 

Meaning:   Never except when...

  • I would have cleared the exam if only I had studied smartly.
  • If only you listened to my words, you would perform well.
  • She will come here again if only you ask her to come.

Only if: 

Meaning:  Never except when...

  • Call me only if you face difficulties solving this math problem. 
  • Only if you came here, you would see what was going on.
  • The people will raise their voices only if their personal interests are involved. 

Even if: 

Meaning: Despite of anything to the contrary.

  • Even if john doesn’t join us, we’ll still visit that place.
  • She gives her best even if the most difficult task is assigned to her. 
  • Even if you apologise, I won’t talk to you.


Meaning: Unless = If + not 

Unless you work hard, you won’t get success.
Unless you work hard = If you don’t work hard. 
  • I won’t give you chocolates unless you finish your homework.
  • Emma will not stay here unless she gets a room of her choice.  


Meaning: Up to, before the time.

  • We shall wait until the train arrives.
  • Sleep until it gets light.
  • We don’t know what is good until we lose it.


Meaning: In order to prevent, for fear that.

  • He tiptoed lest his mother should hear her.
  • I ran fast lest I should be caught.
  • Dayna hurried lest she should be late again. 
  • Lest I forget I note everything taught in the class.


Meaning:   Expressing doubt or choice between alternatives.

  • She spent all her money on her car whether it was smart or not.
  • I doubt whether John will pass or not.
  • I will go to the party whether you like it or not.


Meaning: As soon as / when

  • Once it stops raining, you will go out to play. 
  • I will put off my hills once I reach home.
  • We will go for a trip once my examination is over. 


Meaning: In the following period o time.

  • We all went home after the match had been finished.
  • Bella would start reading the news paper after she finished her breakfast.
  • The soldiers began to march after the sun rose.


Meaning:  On account of / for the reason that

  • Since you’re my friend, I shall not leave you in adversity.
  • You have to stay home since its raining.
  • Since it's Sunday our school will remain closed.


Meaning: on account of / for the reason that.

  • As you didn’t repay your previous loan, you won’t get another.
  • Hardly anybody could see the old man as he was sitting in the darkest corner of the room.
  • As she was ill she could not attend the meeting.


Meaning:  in spite of it 

Emma waited for you so long, yet you call her selfish.
She was cheated, yet she loves him as before.
I could not go out of the room all the day, yet I had a very good time alone. 

Because : 

Meaning: On account of / for the reason that

  • Because the employee worked very hard for the company, she was promoted.
  • Jack could not come last Sunday because he was not well.
  • Because he accused of murdering someone, he was arrested.

But for:

Meaning:  without

  • You would have been be ruined but for your brother’s help.
  • But for your notes I would fail.
  • But for her advice I would not get the job.


Meaning: Consequently

  • You did not attend the class, therefore you could not understand this chapter.
  • It was raining in the afternoon therefore we could not play.
  • She contributed a lot in the field of Radioactivity therefore she was honoured with Nobel Prize.


Meaning: On condition that

I shall go provided I can wear what I like.
You will get the job provided You will work honestly.
She will lead you provided you will be respectful to her.


Meaning: On condition that / only if

  • We will take you in our team providing you will respect the captain.
  • It is easier to get good marks on a short answer, providing you do it well.
  • People have every right to lead their lives in a way they want, providing they ate not hurting someone else.

Given that:

Meaning:  Although / assuming that

  • John didn't selected for the post given that (although) he was preparing hard for that.
  • You can get the loan, given that you can repay it within six months.


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