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Etymology of English Words | Words Related to 'Psyche'

In this article we are going to be awere with some word with same root i.e. 'Psyche'. Here are such psyche-related words -

Psychology, Psychological, psyche, psychic, psychopathic, psychopath, psychosomatic, psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic, psychogenic, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, psychotherapeutic.

Etymology of English Words | Words Related to 'Psyche'

Psyche : 

‘Psyche’ (SĪ-ki / সাই-কি) is a Greek word meaning soul or spirit or mind. This word is a root of many English words such as –
[Psyche একটি গ্রীক শব্দ, যার অর্থ হল মন (mind) / আত্মা (soul) এই গ্রীক শব্দটি ইংরেজি শব্দভাণ্ডারে আসার পর এর সাথে suffix ও prefix যুক্ত হয়ে অনেক নতুন শব্দ সৃষ্টি করেছে।  যেমন –

Psychic :

Psychic (SĪ-kik / সাই-কিক্) is the adjective for the noun psyche. The word psychic means something which is purely mental, not physical.
Psychic trauma = Mental wound or emotional wound. Not a physical wound.

He has been in a psychic trauma since he hears the news of his friends’ murder.

[Psychic হল psyche -এর adjective যা মানসিক কোনো ব্যপারকে বোঝায়, দৈহিক বস্তুকে নয়।
যেমন, Psychic trauma বলতে বোঝায় মানসিক আঘাত

The adverb for psyche is psychically.


Psyche (mind) + ‘-osis’ (a suffix meaning diseased condition) = Psychosis (sī-KÒ-sis / সাই-কো-সিস্).
Psychosis is a form of mental disorder or mental unbalance.


Psychotic (sī-KOT’-ik / সাই-কোট-ইক্) is the adjective for psychosis.
A person is called psychotic when he or she is suffering from psychosis, when he or she becomes a lunatic or an insane completely.


Psyche (mind) + iatreia (medical healing) = Psychiatry (medically healing of the mind). Psychiatry (sī-KĪ-ə-tri / সাই-কাই-অ্-ট্রি) is a subject dealing with the treatment of mental disorder.

Psychiatric –

Psychiatric (sī-ki-AT-rik / সাই-কি-অ্যাট্-রিক্) or Psychiatrical (sī-ki-AT-ri-cal)  is the adjective for psychiatry.
A psychiatric hospital is a hospital where psychotics are treated with care.

Psychiatrically –

Psychiatrically is the adverb for psychiatey.

Psychiatrist –

A psychiatrist is a person who practices psychiatry, who provides medical treatment to the psychotics.

Psychology :

Psyche (mind/soul) + logos (study/ science) = Psychology (study of human mind)
Psychology (sī-KOL-ə-ji / সাই-ক্-লজি)

The word psychology means – study or science of human mind. Psychology is actually a subject or field which deals with human emotion.
[Psychology শব্দটি Psyche (মন)-এর সাথে logos (বিদ্যা / বিজ্ঞান) যুক্ত হয়ে গঠিত হওয়ায় শব্দটির অর্থ হচ্ছে মনোবিদ্যা।]

Psychologist :

Psychology + ‘-ist’ = Psychologist (sī-KOL-ə-jist / সাই-ক্ল-অ-জিস্ট)

‘-ist’ is a suffix which is used with a root word (here the root word is psychology) to denote a person who practices any particular profession.

So, here psychologist is a person who practices Psychology, that is, a person who studies human mind.
[Psychologist হল Psychology -এর বিশেষজ্ঞ।]

Psychosomatic :

Psyche (mind) + soma (body) = Psychosomatic (influence of the mind on bodily disease).
Psychosomatic (sī-ko-sə-MAT-ik / সাই-কো-স্-ম্যাট-ইক).

Psychosomatic is an adjective. It delineates the powerful influence of the mind on bodily diseases.
[Psychosomatic diseases হল সেই সব শারীরিক রোগ, যাদের উৎস হিসেবে মনের দুশ্চিন্তা, দুর্ভাবনা, প্রবল অনিচ্ছা ইত্যাদিকে দায়ী করা হয়।]

Suppose, someone is afraid of the result of being present in a particular place. For this mental state the person may suddenly develop a bad headache (মাথাব্যথা) or backache (পিঠ ব্যথা) or cold (সর্দি), which will postpone his or her presence in that place. The cause of the psychosomatic disorder is not within the body, rather the cause is within the psyche (the mind).

Psychoanalysis :

Psychoanalysis (sī-ko-ə-NAL-ə-sis / সাই-ক্-অ্যানা-ল-সিস).
It is a technique, with this technique, psychoanalysts guide a patient to the reasons of his/her fears, tensions, anxieties etc.
This technique was developed by Sigmund Freud.

psychoanalytical / Psychoanalytic :

Psychoanalytic (sī-ko-an’-ə-LIT-ik / সাই-কো-অ্যান-অ্-লিট-ইক).
It is the adjective for psychoanalysis which means – of or relating to the abovementioned technique developed by Freud.

Psychoanalytically The adverb for psychoanalysis.

Psychoanalyst –
A person who practices the technique of psychoanalysis.

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