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Manias: List of 40 most Important Manias for Your Exams

Maníā is a word that expresses a morbid compulsion or mental disorder. It has entered the English and is affixed to many different words to denote enthusiasm or obsession with that subject. 

Below is a list of important manias that you need know for your next exams.


Aboulomania – 

➤  Meaning:   Someone who is incapable of being decisive
➤   Root:   Greek a- means without, boule- means will or decision. 

Andromania – 

   Meaning:    Extreme sexual desire in females towards males. 

➤   Root:    From Greek andro- meaning man, male or masculine.

➤  Synonyms: – hypersexuality, nymphomania, cytheromania or hysteromania. 

Anglomania – 

   Meaning:        Obsession with England and the English (syn. anglophile

➤    Root:   Froim the Latin word angli or angle which is the root of the words England and English.

 ➤    Related word
Anglophobia – fear or hatred for England or the English. 

Arithmomania, arithomania – 

   Meaning:    Extreme obsession with the numbers and counting.

➤   Root:   From Greek arithmós- meaning number.

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Bibliomania – 

   Meaning:     Uncontrollable desire for reading books.

➤    Root:   From Greek biblion- meaning books.


Choreomania, choromania – 

   Meaning:     Extreme obsession with dancing

Root:      From Greek choros meaning dance.


Demonomania – 

   Meaning:     Obsession with one's own demonic possession (delusional conviction) 

Dermatillomania – 

➤   Meaning:     Obsession with picking at the skin. 

➤  Root:      The word is a combination of Greek derma (skin), tillo (to pull out), and mania (morbid compulsion / madness)

Dipsomania – 

   Meaning:     Obsession to alcohol.  

➤  Root:     From Greek dipsa meaning thirst.

Dromomania – 

   Meaning:     Extreme desire to travel. 

➤    Root:  From Greek dromos meaning running.



Egomania – 

   Meaning:     An intense and irresistible love for oneself and concern for one’s own needs. 

➤    Root:  From Latin ego meaning I,  

Ergomania, ergasiomania – 

   Meaning:     Extreme obsession with work or exercise.

➤     Root:   From Greek ergasio meaning work.

Erotomania – 

   Meaning:     Irresistible sexual desire from strangers (delusional conviction) 

➤   Root:   From Greek erotikos > eros means related to love or sexual passion or desire. 

Etheromania – 

   Meaning:     Obsession to ether.

➤    Root:   From Latin æther to Greek aithēr meaning the pure upper air or the sky

Eleutheromania – 

   Meaning:     An intense and irresistible desire for freedom. 

➤  Root:   From Greek eleuthería meaning freedom.


Graphomania – 

   Meaning:     Obsessive impulse to write.

➤    Root:   From Greek gráphein- meaning to write. Also known as scribomania (scriben means to write.)


Hypermania – 

   Meaning:    A severe mania.

➤    Root:   From Greek hyper meaning over, excess etc.

Hypomania – 

   Meaning:     A mild mania.

➤    Root:  From Greek hypo meaning less, under.


Intermania – 

   Meaning:    An obsession with destroying things.

➤    Root:   From Latin interitus meaning destruction.


Kleptomania, klopemania – 

   Meaning:    An uncontrollable and irresistible desire to steal. 

➤   Root:   From Greek kleptes meaning a thief / a cheater.


Logomania – 

   Meaning:     Extreme talkativeness or wordiness i.e. loquacity. 

➤    Root:   From Greek logos meaning words.

Ludomania – 

   Meaning:    An obsession with gambling. 

➤    Root:   From Latin lūdō meaning I play


Megalomania – 

   Meaning:     Extreme desire to possess wealth and power. 

➤    Root:    From Greek megas meaning great or large

Metromania – 

   Meaning:    An obsession with writing verse. 

➤    Root:    Greek metron means to measure. From metron the English word metre was derived. And in poetry, metre is the basic rhythmic structure of a line in a verse.

Micromania – 

   Meaning:    An extreme tendency of self-deprecation. 
Or,  A delusion that a body part has become small. 

Monomania – 

   Meaning:     An obsession with a single idea, object etc. 

➤    Root:     From Greek monos meaning one.

Mythomania – 

   Meaning:     Obsession with lying. 

➤   Root:    Greek mythos meaning false beliefs or ideas.


Necromania – 

   Meaning:     Being fascinated or being sexual with dead bodies 
  Also known as necrophilia.

➤   Root:   From Greek nekros meaning corpse or dead.

Nymphomania – 

   Meaning:     An abnormally intense sexual desire in women. 
   It is now an obsolete term for female hypersexuality.

➤    Root:   From Greek nymphe meaning bride or newly married wife.


Oniomania – 

   Meaning:     Extreme desire to shop.

➤    Root:   From Greek onios meaning to sale.

Onychotillomania – 

   Meaning:    To feel like picking at the fingernails always. 

➤   Root:    The word is formed with Greek onus (nail), plus tillo (to pluck) plus mania (morbid compulsion)


Plutomania – 

   Meaning:     Obsession with money or wealth.

➤    Root:   From Greek ploutos meaning wealth.

➤     Related word
Plutocracy - a government run by wealthy people.

Pyromania – 

   Meaning:     An abnormal love for fire or starting fires 

➤    Root:   From Greek pyr meaing fire.

➤    Related words
i.   Pyrophobia: fear of fire.
ii.  Pyre: Wood heaped to burn a dead body as a funeral rite.


Rhinotillexomania – 

   Meaning:     To feel like picking one’s own nose always. 

➤    Root:   From Greek rhino meaning nose and tillexis means to pluck, tear, pull or pick at.


Satyromania – 

   Meaning:     Extreme, often uncontrollable sexual urge in and behavior by a men.

➤   Root: The word comes from the Greek word Satyr. A satyr is a woodland deity, partly man and partly horse; known as the lovers of wine, dancing, music, women. 

For their riotous merriment and lechery, the word satyromania means uncontrollable sexual urge in men.


Theomania – 

   Meaning:     An obsession with one's own divinity or divine mission. 
➤    Root:   From the ancient Greek word theon meaning gods or goddesses.

Toxicomania – 

   Meaning:     An insane desire for poisonous or intoxicating substances. 

➤    Root:   From the ancient Greek word toxikon meaning poison for use on arrows.

Trichotillomania – 

   Meaning:     An irresistible urge to pull out one’s own hair. 

➤    Root: From Greek thrix > trikhos means hair and tillo/tillein meaning to pluck, tear, pull or pick at.

Typomania – 

   Meaning:     An obsession with typology or being published. 

➤    Root:   From Greek typos meaning impression.


Verbomania –

   Meaning:     Craze for words.

➤    Root:   From Latin verbum meaning words.


Xenomania –

   Meaning:     Inordinate attachment to foreign things.

➤    From Greek xenos meaning strangers or foreigners.

➤    Related word -
Xenophobia. It means fear of strangers or foreigners.


Zoomania –

   Meaning:     Extreme obsession with animals.

➤    Root:   From Greek zoion meaning animal or beast.

➤    Related words
i.  Zoophobia: meaning fear of animals.
ii. Zodiac: A circular diagram representing 12 constellations and showing their signs which are some animals.
 Below is a picture of the zodiac signs. 

12 zodiac symbols



That’s all about the list of manias.

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