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100+ Narration Change Exercises with Answers | Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises

A table with two columns - Direct speech and Indirect speech and with six rows

Questions: 1 - 10

1. I said, “I am reading a book.”

2. You said to Virat, “You are a smart boy.”

3. My friend said, “The sun is hot.”

4. I said, “He was my friend in my school.”

5. We said, “We all love our country.” (Universal truth)

6. Rohan said, “We were the champions.”

7. You said, “You could not defeat us last Sunday.”

8. Steve said, “Mr. Peterson teaches us Maths.”

9. She said, “I will crack the exam in my very first attempt.” 

10. The teacher said to her students, “Open your books, please.”

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 Answers: 1-10 

1. I said that I was reading a book. 

2. You told Virat that he was a smart boy.

3. My friend said that the sun is hot. (Universal truth)

4. I said that he had been my senior in my school.

5. We said that we all love our country.

6. Rohan said that they had been the champions.

7. You said that we could not defeat you the previous Sunday.

8. Steve said that Mr. Peterson taught you Maths.

9. She said that she would crack the exam in her very first attempt.

10.   The teacher requested her students to open their books.

Exercise: 11 - 20

11. He said, “My father is calling me.”

12. I asked her, “Did you go to school yesterday?”

13. She said, “Who doesn't come to school?”

14. Rahul said to me, “You made me laugh.”

15. She said to me, “I don't know you.”

16. My mother said to me, “Put your shoes on now.”

17. We said to him, “You are annoying us.”

18. Tne man said to us, “You are not allowed here.”

19. Jhulan said, “I am a cricketer.”

20. Priya said, “I was reading a comic book.”

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Answers: 11-20 

11.   He said that his father was calling him.

12. I asked her whether she had gone to school the day before.

13. She asked who didn't go to school.

14. I said that I had made him laugh.

15. She told me that she didn’t know me.

16. My mother ordered me to put my shoes then.

17. We told him that he was annoying us.

18. The man told us that we were not allowed there.

19. Jhulan said that she was a cricketer.

20. Priya said that she had been reading a comic book.

Exercise: 21 - 30

21. Preetam said to you, “Photography is my hobby.”

22. He said, “Mr. Brown is buying something.”

23. Atif said, “There is a mouse inside the box.”

24. She said, “They are my friends.”

25. Joe said, “Cricket is my favourite game.”

26. I said to you, “You are stupid.”

27. I said to my friend, “I don’t like coffee.”

28. I said to Neil, “You have to focus on your study.”

29. We said to them, “We accept the challenge.”

30. We said, “What a funny boy he is!”

Answers: 21 - 30

21. Preetam told you that photography was his hobby.

22. He said that Mr. Brown was buying something.

23. Atif said that there was a mouse inside the box.

24. Shee said that they were her friends.

25. Joe said that cricket was his favourite game.

26. I told you that you were stupid.

27. I told my friend that I didn’t like coffee.

28. I told Neil that he had to focus on his study.

29. We told them that we accepted the challenge. 

30. We exclaimed with joy that he was a very funny boy.

Exercise: 31 - 40

31. You said to me, “I am hungry.”

32. You said to me, “you are my best friend.”

33. You said to me, “She calls my parents.”

34. You said to her, “It is your water-bottle.”

35. You said to her, “This pen is mine.”

36. You said to her, “That is my house.”

37. She said to me, “I like you.”

38. She said to me, “You don’t listen to me,”

39. She said to me, “Don't frighten the children.”

40. He said to you, “We don’t care about what other people say.”

 Answers: 31 - 40 

31. You told me that you were hungry.

32. You told me that I was your best friend.

33. You told me that she called your parents. 

34. You told her that it was her water-bottle.

[Remember, 'It' does not change to 'that']

35. You told her that that pen was yours.

36. You told her that that was your house.

37. She told me that she liked me.

38. She told me that I didn’t listen to her.

39. She ordered me not to frighten the children.

40. He told you that they didn’t care about what other people said.

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Exercise: 41 - 50

41. She said to you, “Are not you afraid of the society?”

42. The man said to us, “I need some food because I am craving.”

43. The lady said to us, “The old man is from Germany.” 

44. The old man said to us, “Please tell me his name."

45. My brother said to me, “Go home.”

46. The teacher said to the students, “keep quiet.”

47. The father said to his son, “Respect your elders.”

48. Mother said to me, “Don’t mess with those boys.”

49. She said to me, “Give me an extra sheet please.”

50. The mother said to the child, “Don’t go out.”

 Answers: 41-50 

41. She asked you if you were afraid of the society.

42. The man told us that he needed some food because he was craving.

43. The lady told us that the old man was from Germany. 

44. The old man requested us to tell him his name.

45. My brother ordered me to go home.

46. The teacher ordered the students to keep quiet.

47. The father advised his son to respect his elders.

48. Mother advised me not to mess with those boys.

49. She requested me to give her an extra sheet. / She requested me for an extra sheet.

50. The mother ordered the child not to go out.

Exercise: 51 - 58

51. She said to me, “Do you want something?”

52. I said to her, “Do you have water with you?”

53. Father said to me, “Are you writing a paragraph?”

54. I said to my father, “Is brother coming tomorrow?”

55. John said to me, “Have you taken my wrist-watch?”

56. I said to Peter, “Has Ronny sent you the manuscript?”

57. Peter said to me, “Have you been in New York for ten years?

58. She said to her father, “Have you been waiting for me since morning?”

 Answers: 51 - 58 

51. She asked me if/whether I wanted something.

52. I asked her if/whether she had water with her.

53. Father asked me if/whether I was writing a paragraph.

54. I asked my father if/whether brother was coming the next day.

55. John asked me if/whether I had taken his wrist-watch.

56. I asked Peter if/whether Ronny had sent him the manuscript.

57. Peter asked me if/whether I had been in New York for ten years.

58. She asked her father if/whether he had been waiting for her since morning.

Exercise: 59 - 70

59. Pran said to her, “Did you watch the movie?”

60. Tanmay said to Mrinmoy, “Did I tell you anything?”

61. He said to me, “Was Rohit playing video-game yesterday?”

62. Rohit said to his friend, “Were you running in the ground today?”

63. The man asked Rajat, “Had you finished it before 5th August?” 

64. Paul said to me, “Had they informed you before Sunday?

65. She said to me, “Had he convinced you to commit the blunder?”

66. You said, “Who don’t love you?”

67. I said to you, “Who reads the newspaper?”

68. They said, “What makes you so stupid?”

69. The teacher said to them, “What do you do at home?”

70. He said to me, “Why don’t you like tea?”

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 Answers: 59 - 70 

59. Pran asked her if she had watched the movie.

60. Tanmoy asked Mrinmoy if he had told him anything.

61. He asked me if Rohit had been playing video-game the previous day.

62. Rohit asked his friend if he had been running in the ground that day.

63. The man asked Rajat if he had finished it before 5th August.

64. Paul asked me if they had informed me before Sunday.

65. She asked me if he had convinced me to commit the blunder. 

66. You asked who didn’t love me.

67. I asked you who read the newspaper.

68. They asked what made me so stupid.

69. The teacher asked them what they did at home.

70. He asked me why I didn’t like tea.

Exercise: 71 - 80

71. The boy asked, “Where do you play cricket?”

72. I said to my friend, “When do they go to the shopping mall?”

73. I asked my father, “How are you now?”

74. They said to me, “Where do you live in?”

75. The manager said to the employees, “How long will it take to complete the project?

76. The teacher said to us, "May you all prosper in life."

77.  My Grandmother said to me, “May you live long.”
78. She said to her daughter, “May God bless you."

79. He said to me, “May you succeed.”

80. They said, “May God forgive us.”

 Answers: 71-80 

71. The boy asked where we played cricket.

72. I asked my friend when they went to the shopping mall.

73. I asked my father how he was then.

74. They asked me where I lived in.

75. The manager asked the employees how long it would take to complete the project.

76. The teacher wished us that we all might prosper in life. 

77.  My grandmother blessed me that I might live long. 

78. She prayed for her daughter that God might bless her.

79. He wished me that I might succeed.

80. They prayed that God might forgive them.

Exercise: 81 - 90

81. The farmer said, “May it rain today.”

82. We said, “May he get a job soon.”

83. They said, “Long live the king.”

84. They said, “God save us.”

85. The old lady said to the old man, “May you die.”

86. Mother said to me, “Be happy and prosperous.”

87. The rich man said, “God help the poor.”

88. They said, “Hurrah! We have won the match.”

89. “Alas! She is dead.” Rohan said.

90. “Bravo!” My uncle said, “You’ve done a great job.”

 Answers: 81-90 

81. The farmer wished that it might rain that day.

82. We wished that he might get a job soon.

83. They preyed that the king might live long.

84. They prayed that God might save them.

85. The old lady cursed the old man that he might die.

86. Mother wished me that I might be happy and prosperous.

87. The rich man prayed that God might help the poor.

88. They exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.

89. Rohan exclaimed with sorrow that she was dead.

90. My uncle exclaimed with joy that I had done a great job.

Exercise: 91 - 100

91. I said, “Fie! Fie! You ashamed your family.”

92. I said, “What a lovely day it is!”

93. I said, “What a foolish idea it was!”

94. My friend said to me, “Liar!”

95. He said, “What a charming place!”

96. She said, “How sweet you are!”

97. I said, “How beautiful your handwriting is!”

98. Ben said, “What a strange idea!”

99. Ravi said, “What a horrible sight it was!”

100. The teacher said to her students, “Good afternoon!”

 Answers: 91-100 

91. I exclaimed with disgust that you had ashamed your family.

92. I exclaimed with surprise that it was a very lovely day.

93. I exclaimed with disgust that it had been a foolish Idea.

94. My friend called me a liar.

95. He exclaimed with surprise/wonder that it was a very charming place.

96. She exclaimed with joy/surprise that he was very sweet.

97. I exclaimed with wonder that his handwriting was very beautiful.

98. Ben exclaimed with disgust that it was a very strange idea.

99. Ravi exclaimed with disgust that it had been a very horrible sight.

100. The teacher wished her students good afternoon.

Exercise: 101 - 107

101. They said to me, “Congratulations!”

102. I said to Henry, “Welcome!”

103. They said to me, “Good bye!”

104. I said to her, “Good night!”

105. All of them said to Micky, “Happy birthday!”
106. Daniel said “Nonsense!”

 Answers: 101-106 

101. They congratulated me.

102. I welcomed Henry.

103. They bade me good bye.

104. I bade her goodnight.

105. All of them wished Micky happy birthday.

106. Daniel exclaimed with disgust that it was nonsense.


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