Noun Exercise with Answers


A green board on which written Noun Exercise.

I hope you've read our article on Noun and its classifications

Now its time to practice. 

1. Identify the Nouns in the following sentences:

I. Emma is my friend. 

II. My mother is a teacher.

III. She went to Germany last week.

IV. We don’t have two cars.

V. My parents live in New York.

VI. They came here by bus.

VII. The crowd is cheering for the players.

VIII. The injured player was taken to the hospital.

IX. My father is driving the car.

X. The car is black.


I. Emma, friend, 

II. Mother, teacher

III. Germany 

IV. Cars

V. Parents

VI. Bus

VII. Crowd, players. 

VIII. Player, hospital,

IX. Father, car

X. Car

2.     Identify the nouns and state their kinds whether they are countable or uncountable:

I. My mother has bought some pencils for me.

II. A spoonful of sugar will be enough.

III. The children are playing in the park.

IV. Her mother-in-law borrowed some money from her.

V. Add a pinch of salt.

VI. The information provided is true to my knowledge. 

VII. An apple a day keeps the doctors away. 

VIII. Have a cup of coffee whenever you feel sleepy.

IX. The smile of the child is so sweet.

X. One can see the joy in her eyes.

XI. Honesty is the best policy.

XII. Stars are twinkling in the sky.



I. mother – countable,     pencil – countable

II. spoonful – countable,    sugar – uncountable

III. children – countable,    park – countable

IV. sister-in-law – countable,     money – countable 

V. pinch – countable,     salt – uncountable

VI. information – uncountable,     knowledge – uncountable

VII. apple – countable,      doctors – countable

VIII. cup – countable,    coffee – uncountable

IX. smile – uncountable,    child – countable

X. joy – uncountable,    eyes – countable

XI. Honesty – uncountable,     policy – countable

XII. Stars – countable,    sky – countable

3.    Identify the nouns and state their kinds whether they are concrete or abstract:

I. Add a pinch of salt.

II. Truth always triumphs.

III. I’ve experience of visiting a hill-stations.

IV. The baby has torn the page.

V. The plan got approval from the senior executives. 

VI. The accused must prove his innocence. 

VII. I have no idea when the war will end.

VIII. Mark put to an end to our friendship.

IX. The prize was awarded to him for his bravery in the battlefield.

X. The terrorists destroyed the towers.


I. pinch – abstract,     salt – concrete

II. Truth – abstract,

III. experience – abstract,       hill-station – concrete

IV. baby – concrete,     page – concrete

V. plan – concrete,      approval – abstract,      executives – concrete 

VI. accused – concrete,     innocence – abstract 

VII. idea – abstract,      war – concrete,

VIII. Mark – concrete,      end – concrete,      friendship – abstract

IX. prize – concrete,      bravery – abstract,      battlefield – concrete,

X. terrorists – concrete,       towers – concrete 

4.    Identify the nouns and state their kinds whether they are common, proper, collective or material:

I. China is an emerging superpower.

II. The pen is made of plastic.

III. The founder of the company was punished for tax evasion.

IV. Peter was caught while cheating in the exam.

V. Our team could not perform well in the last match

VI. The class stopped making noise as soon as the teacher entered.

VII. Elon Musk is the richest man in the world.

VIII. A high quality steel was used in the bridge.

IX. My shopping list completes with a pair of shoes.

X. India is on the other side of the earth.


I. China – proper,    superpower – common

II. pen – common,    plastic – material

III. founder – common,    company – common,    tax evasion – common

IV. Peter – proper,    exam – common

V. Team – collective,    match – common

VI. Class – collective,    teacher – common

VII. Elon Musk – proper,     world – common

VIII. Steel – material,   bridge – common

IX. List – common,     pair – collective,     shoes – common

X. India – proper,    earth – common

5.    Identify the nouns and state their numbers whether they are singular or plural:

I. I wanted to have a cup of tea.

II. The leaves are brown.

III. The group of the girls won the quiz competition.

IV. The jury are divided in their opinions.

V. I got some good news for you.

VI. Peter has drunk three glasses of water.

VII. We’ve visited there a bunch of times.

VIII. The children play in the park.

IX. Our teachers gave us a task.

X. All are united.

XI. John is one of the most hard working employees. 


I. Cup – singular,    tea – singular

II. Leaves – plural

III. group – singular,   girls – plural,   quiz competition – singular

IV. jury – plural,   opinions – plural 

V. good news – singular

VI. Peter – singular,   glasses – plural,   water – singular

VII. Bunch – singular,    times – plural

VIII. Children – plural,   park – singular

IX. Teachers – plural,    task – singular

X. All – plural

XI. John – singular,   employees – plural

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